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Γιώργος Καισάριος@ Μια διαφορετική δημόσια τηλεόραση (18/06/2013 11:53am)
liberal@ The dollar liquidity time bomb (19/05/2013 22:23pm)
liberal@ The dollar liquidity time bomb (19/05/2013 22:18pm)

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Tue, December 31, 2013 - 02:24 am

IronFX 100% Deposit Bonus


100% Bonus for a limited time only

100% 2014 Celebration Bonus

With our appreciation to new and existing IronFX Global clients, we are thrilled to present our special 100% Celebration Bonus, valid only for 2 days*.

With this outstanding promotion, we celebrate worldwide the success of 2013 and welcome 2014!

Deposit and claim your Bonus Now!

The 100% 2014 Celebration Bonus will only be valid on 31/12/2013 and 01/01/2014* for 64 hours as a worldwide celebration of the success in 2013 and to welcome 2014 across the breadth of our global offices.

Relevant *Terms and Conditions for the Celebration Trading Bonus Offer apply.

Start Time
Local Time 00:00 31.12.2013 (AEDT) Sydney, Australia, GMT 13:00 30.12.2013 (GMT) London, UK

End Time
00.00 01.01.2014 (end of day)(PET) Lima, Peru | Bogota, Colombia 05:00 02.01.2014 (GMT) London, UK

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